BEEM, the first “turnkey” solar kit for individuals available in Boulanger and soon also in Leroy Merlin

A solar kit that you can really buy in the store? What if this kit was installed in less than an hour and you could save some money on your electric bill? This is the concept of BEEM, a design solar kit that you can put together yourself and that is available from Boulanger and soon also from Leroy Merlin …

Thanks to these innovative solar modules, which have already received awards at CES 2021, a small solar revolution is announced. Simplified installation, modules that can be installed in height or on the ground, and energy generated in less than an hour … a brilliant innovation that deserves to be known … and recognized!

What is beem

Beem Energy aims to make solar energy available to the public. Without the need to install solar panels on a roof, with a complicated system. With Beem, tenants can now also install the device on their balcony. With a large balcony anyway! Beem is a unique product that offers discreet floral design solar panels that blend in perfectly with the landscape.

Beem how to install it?

The solar panels have patented fasteners that allow the 4 modules of the first kit to be installed in less than an hour, the company explains in a press release it sent us. From unpacking to generating electricity, it takes 60 minutes to enjoy your own … clean electricity!

Beem how to install it? Photo credit: BEEM

Each of the panels weighs 5 kilos. They can be placed on a roof or on the ground with suitable crutches. Then all you have to do is plug everything into an electrical outlet. The electricity generated is thus fed back directly into your network and used for the devices that are switched on.

The production of Beem is equivalent to 300 W or around 14% of a household’s consumption (excluding heating) or savings of € 60 to € 80 per year. This costs, for example, a refrigerator or five LED lamps.

Increase production by adding up to 3 additional kits. Photo credit: BEEM

How much does it cost?

The first BEEM kit (300 W) at the Boulanger location will cost € 680 until June 30, 2021. From July 1st it will be offered at a price of € 780. It is also possible to increase production by adding up to 3 additional kits, ie a total of 12 panels for a production of 900 W… 4, 8 or 12 panels are connected to the same socket!

Boulanger and soon Leroy Merlin will be the first French stores to market this first solar kit that you install yourself! If you are looking to move on to clean energy, this may be the right time to take advantage of it!