Boeing 737 MAX pilots had to turn off the engine during the flight

The basics The pilots of a Boeing 737 MAX had to switch off one of the aircraft’s engines during the flight. However, the mechanical incident would not be related to the errors seen in the two fatal crashes of Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines.

On Friday, March 5th, the pilots of a Boeing 737 MAX urgently had to shut down one of the aircraft’s engines in mid-flight. In question a “possible mechanical problem” on the engine. American Airlines’ Miami-New York flight finally landed safely. Flight 2555 arrived “safely and without incident” at Newark Airport, a company spokesman said.

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According to this spokesman, the origin of the mechanical problem lies in a problem with the pressure on the engine oil or a problem with a volume gauge. It is therefore not an issue related to the MCAS pilot aid software as it was with the Lion Air crashes in 2018 and Ethiopian Airlines in 2019. The United States Aviation Regulatory Agency (FAA) has announced that it will investigate the incident.

Changes required

At the end of December 2020, American Airlines was the first company to reinstate the 737 Max in its flight program a few weeks after the American authorities gave the green light. The MCAS software in particular required changes that were involved in the two fatal crashes. The green light was given in Europe on January 27th.

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Boeing has set up an operations center that monitors all 737 MAX flights in real time. On Friday, the aviation group said it was “aware” of the incident on the Miami-New York flight without giving any further details.

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