Bonocle: a device for the visually impaired that allows you to watch the football of the 2022 World Cup in Braille

Bonocle, a new solution for visually impaired supporters. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Krivosheev Vitaly & Bonocle

The first day of qualifying for the 2022 FIFA World Cup ended in a tie between France and Ukraine on Wednesday. This World Cup, due to start on November 21, 2022, will be one of the most important events of this year …

We hear a lot right now about Qatar, a tax haven for influencers of all kinds! This world championship should also bring a very important innovation for the visually impaired … An invention called BONOCLE, which was developed by two academics and enables blind people to “read” games in Braille! Explanations.

It was the flagship innovation program of the Supreme Committee on Delivery and Legacy (SC) that invented a new solution for visually impaired supporters. The organization of the 2022 World Cup has announced that this event will be suitable for the visually impaired.

Bonocle is the brainchild of Ramy and Abdulrazek, two academics who, after an accident, decided for one of them to create a device that could translate digital content into Braille.

You can also play video games with Bonocle. Image credit: Bonocle

However, Bonocle will not only make it possible to watch the games, the device will also make it easier to travel around the city of Doha. You can also interact with the various supports offered. Bonocle is part of the Challenge 22 program, more than 1,400 applications from entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa! At the end of the selection process, the winners will receive the funds to start their project!

In contrast to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, where, as is well known, no foreign audience is welcome, this world championship in Qatar should be “played” normally. We still hope that this Covid 19 epidemic will be behind us by the end of 2022 to make way for this sporting spectacle …

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