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The essentials The government has just announced financial support for the Marseille-Nice high-speed line. The Bordeaux-Toulouse LGV project, however advanced it may be, is still awaiting state commitments. The presidents of the Toulouse region and the metropolis are furious.

The Bordeaux-Toulouse high-speed rail project is still on hold. The LGV, which is supposed to connect the regional capital with Paris at 3:10 am, is desperately waiting for state funding. During a visit to Toulouse on Saturday, Prime Minister Jean Castex made no mention of this project, which has been awaited for decades. If Occitania is forgotten, Provence is better off. The government has just promised an envelope of more than one billion euros for the LGV between Marseille and Nice. But nothing for Bordeaux-Toulouse. This means that the Pink City remains the last regional capital without a high-speed rail link. Nonsense if the government wants to develop the rail.

Enough to provoke the anger of Carole Delga, President (PS) of the region, and Jean-Luc Moudenc, President (LR) of the metropolis of Toulouse, who are demanding a commitment from the state to complete the financial package and finally with the To start work. Carole Delga and Jean-Luc Moudenc wrote a joint press release on Sunday.

“We were very astonished to learn that an agreement had been reached between the state and the affected communities on the financing of the new Provence-Côte d’Azur line in the amount of 3.5 billion euros. The much more advanced West Railway Project (GPSO) is still not supported by official government funding, the two elected officials regret. This inequality is not permissible, although this line has primarily been included in the Mobility Orientation Act and has been declared for public benefit since 2016. “The region and metropolis that will participate in the funding state that only“ the state’s obligation to start the project is missing. “”

The Bordeaux-Toulouse high-speed rail project. DDM

“Yes to LGV Bordeaux-Toulouse”: Sign our petition

La Dépêche du Midi has been supporting the construction of the Bordeaux-Toulouse (LGV) high-speed line since its conception … in 1991. While the project, despite the pitfalls, seems far more advanced than the connection between Marseille and Nice, the state announced at the end of last Week the financing of the Mediterranean line with a commitment of 1.383 billion euros.

A “double standard” that seems particularly unfair to us. That’s why we’re talking to you. Sign the petition with us that we will put online! We solemnly ask the state to clearly announce its investment in this infrastructure, which will keep the Pink City three hours from Paris.

Support this rail access project and make your voice heard.

La Dépêche du Midi

Creation of a Toulouse RER

As a reminder: The costs for the LGV Bordeaux-Toulouse (200 kilometers of new section) are estimated at around seven billion euros. A few months ago, Carole Delga was hoping that it would go into operation “by the year 2.030”. But time is running out. The President suggested starting work on the saturation-threatened part of Toulouse-Agen.

Because saving time to get to Paris isn’t the only problem. The new line will reduce rail congestion in the regional capital and encourage daily trains. The region relies on new routes to set up a real RER around Toulouse. But it is the entire region, from Albi to Cahors, that will benefit from the advantages of high speed thanks to the TER network connected to the Matabiau station.

Carole Delga does not forget the other LGV project between Montpellier and Perpignan. The region has been calling for a public inquiry for the Montpellier-Béziers section for years. Toulouse is today at 4:20 a.m. by train from Paris and Perpignan at 5:10 a.m. from Paris. The state urgently needs to provide answers.

At the Matabiau train station: “We are badly served”

At Toulouse Matabiau station, who got off the train in the rain, Florence, a 29-year-old veterinarian, put her glasses back on after a long journey from Paris. She enthusiastically trusts the LGV project: “It’s a great project, Toulouse is a city that is poorly served by the SNCF. Just 3:10 from Paris would be a real advantage for those who are used to it to go back and. ” here. “An opinion that Claire, her neighbor in the compartment, seems to share. This 28-year-old young woman explains,” This high-speed line would be of great help to me. I don’t have much time to visit my family in Paris because of my work as a nurse. “

On the way to his train, Baptiste is also concerned about the subject. However, this user believes that there are other priorities when it comes to transportation: “It is better not to close the small regional lines or create a real Toulouse RER than to spend money to fly to Paris faster. That’s what the plane is for. ” . “Although some have very strong opinions, others have questions. This is the case with this 21-year-old student who is working at a table in the train station waiting for his train to Paris. This boy is more supportive.” I think so will put the tourism market back on its feet. When you get closer, people are often encouraged to do so. But will this proximity come at a higher cost? “Asks Yoan.

Next door, Matthieu, a 36-year-old salesman who overheard the conversation, decides to give his opinion. “To catch the Toulouse-Paris train often enough, I find that they are not full enough. Will the LGV lead to more frequencies if it takes less time?”

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