Brawl in Val-de-Marne: a 14-year-old teenager caught between life and death

The basics A brawl between gangs of young people that took place that Monday evening in Champign-sur-Marne in Val-de-Marne injured two teenagers aged 14 and 16. The youngest was shot in the chest. His days are in danger.

A 14-year-old boy was badly injured with a knife in his chest and “his prognosis is crucial” after a brawl between gangs of young people in Val-de-Marne. Another 16-year-old minor was injured in this brawl around 6:00 p.m. in the city center of Champigny-sur-Marne, in which at least fifteen young people from two different parts of the city collided, said the Créteil public prosecutor.

The two injured were rushed to hospital “in alarming condition”, prosecutors said. Four people were arrested, according to a police source. The investigation was entrusted to the territorial security of Val-de-Marne.

Previous fights in Île-de-France in February

On February 22 and 23, there were two fatal fights in the neighboring department of Essonne: Two 14-year-old youths were killed in less than 24 hours in violent fighting between young people in two cities, Saint-Chéron and Saint-Chéron, 45 kilometers away Boussy-Saint-Antoine. A total of 13 minors were charged with these two murders. On February 26, another 15-year-old teenager was shot dead in a residential building in Bondy, Seine-Saint-Denis, after an argument with his assailants, two brothers aged 17 and 27 who have since been charged and taken into custody Care.

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