Brittany: A city divided the Asian hornet population by 4 with traps

At a time when the Asian hornets are about to return, a recent scientific study in Morbihan proves the effectiveness of the traps. You should know that if you see a huge hornet’s nest at this time of year, it will be empty! The Asian hornets are not reinvesting the old nests, but the queens found new nests in the spring …

A log was made at Brec’h in Morbihan and it has just been proven that the number of Asiatic hornet nests has been divided by four! But what is the secret of this place in Brittany to prevent Asian hornets from multiplying?

How do queens make their nests?

The queen, who appears to be the only survivor of the old colony, takes refuge in a tile or roof in winter. In the spring she wakes up and then the traps must be in place. In fact, it will try to start a new colony and therefore build a new nest.

In an interview with France 3, Gilles Lanio, beekeeper and President of API 56 Bees and Biodiversity in Kervignac in Morbihan explains: “In Brittany, it starts from the beginning of April until around May 8th.” During the following 4 or 5 weeks When you awaken the queens looking for starch, that is, for sugar! It is therefore sugar that must be brought to them in order to catch them!

Queens are looking for strength, hence sugar! Photo credit: Shutterstock / DeRebus

You will then build a “primary nest” the size of a grapefruit. This primary nest is then abandoned to build a huge nest at a greater height. These nests can house several thousand Asian hornets.

The traps of Brec’h in Morbihan

The city, in collaboration with the Brechoise Association for the Protection of Bees and Other Pollinators (ABSAP), distributes traps to residents. There is also a catch count log. In 4 years the population of Asiatic hornets was divided by four! Remember, the Asian hornet is a formidable predator of honey bees, which are essential to biodiversity. This life-size test enables the effectiveness of Asian hornet traps to be demonstrated. Do you still need to know how to use them?

How to catch Asian hornets.

We have already told you about the mixture to put in a bottle or in a hornet trap:

100 ml dark beer 100 ml white wine (to ward off bees and bumblebees) and 100 ml syrup (black currant, banana, raspberry, grenadine …) How are Asian hornets caught? Photo credit: Shutterstock / sylv1rob1

The traps are preferably placed near flowers or flowering hedges. It is also advisable to put one near the composter and expose it to the sun. Be careful when catching a queen, do not empty or wash your container. The captive queen’s pheromones will attract other curious people!

Finally, at the end of May, count the number of queens caught … this will give you an idea of ​​the thousands of bees you are likely to have saved from beheading! This study, carried out jointly with ITSAP and the Natural History Museum, shows that we can fight the Asian hornet by all working together for the same cause! A good example!