But where does the tradition of “April Fools” come from?

But where does this tradition of playing pranks on April 1st come from? Photo credit: Shutterstock / New Africa

Check your back especially if you have kids! Otherwise, you could be walking around with an April Fool’s Day joke stuck on your back all day! April 1st is the day of pranks and they rain on social networks …

Some are so suspicious or scalded that they wait until April 2nd to pass on the information they heard on April 1st! But where does this tradition of playing pranks on April 1st come from? Several theses try to explain this tradition! In the meantime, use this day to laugh a little, it won’t hurt during these difficult times!

First hypothesis

In 1564, Charles IX decided to start the year on the first day of the year, January 1st … changing April 1st, which was New Year’s Day! Those who oppose the change therefore decide to keep offering their New Year’s gifts on April 1st, setting traps for those who approve of the king’s decision! No letter confirms this hypothesis, the New Year celebrations were not similar depending on the city or region!

Second hypothesis

April would be the preferred month for mackerel fishermen. This would therefore be the best time to treat yourself to “April Fools”! On the contrary, other sources indicate that April is the worst time to go fishing … In short, it doesn’t really help us solve the mystery!

Use this day to laugh a little! Photo credit: Shutterstock / Africa Studio

Third hypothesis

April 1st could be an echo of Lent! Practicing Christians should not eat meat during this time. And dear fish! But nothing like making a joke on that first day in April!

In short, we don’t really know where this bizarre custom comes from, but whatever! If we announce snow for Friday or a complete deconfinance with restaurants reopening, be careful, it’s April 1st.