But which animal has the biggest ears, by the way? Spoiler: It’s not the elephant!

Who Has the Biggest Ears in the Wildlife? But to determine the length of the ears, what should be taken into account? In this case, the size of the animal would be the elephant? And if it were the head-to-ear ratio, would it be Jeannot Lapin who would be the beast with the biggest ears?

A study by Mary Ellen Holden, a zoologist and mammologist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, gave her verdict! So elephant, rabbit, cocker spaniel? The elephant is the largest land animal. He has the biggest ears, but who can hold the record for the biggest ears in the animal world?

You probably don’t know its name or existence unless you’re into zoology! And the winner is … the long-eared jerboa (long-eared jerboa)! I agree ! It is an insectivorous rodent that lives in Chinese or Mongolian deserts. Each jumper’s ear measures between 3.8 and 5 cm! Little ears, you say! But if we then know that the jerboa measures 10 cm from head to cup, the weight and size ratio of the ears is 50%!

If we compare the jerboa to an African elephant, the elephant’s ears are only 17% of the length of its body … and if the jerboa has ears that big, it is to evacuate excess heat and environments in which it lives ! The ears, which have many blood vessels, allow the small animal to cool naturally.

Those big ears also help him recognize very low frequency sounds coming from his prey (insects) or from his predators … they’re not just there to make him cute, of course! A study that at least taught us the existence of this cute little animal!