But why do some people sneeze when it’s sunny?

If, like us, you sneeze repeatedly and uncontrollably through the slightest ray of sunshine, it is above all no coincidence … Only those affected can understand how complicated it is when the sun at the wheel brings you a crisis of ‘sneezing …

Five, ten atchoums later, if you are lucky not to have an accident, it is tired of you continuing your journey … Yes, when we sneeze, we close our eyes! Which is not really recommended. But where does this mechanical reaction come from? Sun that blinds you No, it comes from a signal sent by our retina! And it’s obviously scientific. Explanations.

A brain reflex

According to a study published on Pubmed, this phenomenon affects about one in four French people. And this reaction of the human body, which goes from shadow to light, was called ACHOO by scientists. ACHOO stands for “Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst” or Photo-Sternutatory Reflex for short. And this reaction is due to our retina being exposed to strong light.

The light that reaches the brain goes through our retina like an electrical signal … Then it goes through the optic nerves of the face, nerves near the trigeminal nerve that, among other things, transmit the sensory data of our face. When your nostrils tingle, it is your trigeminal nerve that tells your brain to sneeze. And if the light signal, therefore electrical, is too intense, the two nerves form a kind of short circuit and cause a sneeze. Sneezing in the sun is therefore neither an allergy to the sun nor a sign of illness, just a nerve reflex.

How do I avoid unwanted sneezing?

The best solution is of course the sunglasses … they still have to be able to support them! This phenomenon could be hereditary, according to scientists, with a 50% chance for the child to present the ACHOO reflex!

How do I avoid unwanted sneezing? Photo credit: Shutterstock / Yuliya Evstratenko

For Laura Dean, doctor and author of a study on the subject, hat and glasses are essential. For example, sneezing while driving can be the cause of accidents. And yet, according to this doctor, it is important not to hold back when a sneeze occurs … The Alzheimer’s Foundation also warns of the dangers of holding back a sneeze. This drives air at 50 km / h and causes a massive increase in pressure in the throat, nose and eyes.

But also your vascular system and your skull. This pressure can rupture small blood vessels in the brain and cause micro-lesions … These micro-lesions weaken the brain’s resistance and lead to the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. One of the plagues of our time. And if not, when you sneeze, we’ve been telling you for over a year: It’s in your mask and in your elbow.

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