Buying Guide: How To Choose A Cell Phone For Seniors?

Even if we would like this not to be the case, it is now more and more difficult to do without a smartphone … And a certain category of our population is in great trouble: the elderly. We can only see that using a smartphone, computer or tablet is not innate for the elderly. Obviously this is not general, but often the digital divide is very present … Today, for example, those over 75 can be vaccinated, but what to do if you don’t know how to use a smartphone?

If we have already presented the Facilotab for tablets, which is perfectly tailored to our elders … The smartphone, which they always refer to as a telephone, remains a mystery to many … A telephone is used to make calls! Ultimately to send messages, but when the smartphone gets complicated, it’s not the same story … But then how do you find a smartphone that is suitable for seniors?

Is a smartphone really necessary?

In the smartphone jungle you are spoiled for choice! Seniors, on the other hand, may be better off going for a “cell phone” … If some manufacturers have minimized operations with a simple “call” button, others like Doro, Mobilho Essential or Emporia added a few touches. With a smartphone adapted to the age of the owner, he can call, send SMS and play a few games. Before buying a smartphone for a senior, you really need to ask yourself if they know how to use it! There is nothing more derogatory than having a sophisticated device and not knowing how to use it!

Is a touchscreen suitable?

Have you ever heard a senior say that their fingers were not working? The touchscreen is to be banned for these seniors,

Better to give preference to a flip phone … It may be out of date to us, but it’s no better for your convenience! Clamshell phones often have a bigger screen and keyboard, making them more suitable for our seniors. It also prevents unwanted calls or forgetting to hang up!

Other points to consider are

The width and spacing of the keys, which have to be adjusted enough so that you don’t always have very precise hands. Keyboard lighting for a question of visual comfort With a touchscreen, the presence of direct access from the homepage (contact, camera or directory) is also an element that should not be overlooked. Is a touchscreen suitable? Photo credit: Shutterstock / DisobeyArt

And for seniors with hearing impairments?

Hearing problems are more common with age … It is therefore better to choose a mobile phone with variable ring tones and intensities. When seniors are hearing aids, there is a special classification:

The M denotes hearing aids without an induction coil. The T denotes hearing aids with this coil

Contact your hearing care professional before purchasing. If the mobile phone is not compatible, your senior will not be able to use it to the full extent.

What to prevent in the event of a problem?

Cell phones for seniors usually have an emergency button that sends a message or calls a predefined number in the event of a problem. This feature is important for seniors who can live and fall alone.

Finally, you prefer a cell phone that charges through a base station rather than a charger … the elderly can find their phone more easily when it’s still in the base station than when it’s plugged in in a room or at home other des House.

# 1 best seller The classic first senior laptop for the elderly / disabled. Incorrect MANIP deletion: selective blocking of menus, calls, settings, buttons. Low Bat Alert SMS, Auto Hands Free, photo contact, etc. Even with a so-called “senior” cell phone, this quickly leads to complicated use as soon as only regular FALSE HANDLING is displayed: ____ I lower the tone during a call or ring ____ I can I no longer unlock the keypad ____ I am lost in the directory ____ I forget to load _____ I am lost in the settings and block something ____ I call numbers that I shouldn’t ____ I switch off the phone by hanging up ____ I need free ones Hand but how do i do that etc.