Cahors: Work on keeping up with restaurant restrictions

The essentials Several restorers in Cahors were able to carry out work during the delivery. These changes, which were planned before the crisis, were made possible by the closure of the factories.

“The work is often postponed later. The two consecutive deliveries had the merit of gaining time for restaurateurs in Cahors. “The decoration hasn’t changed in years,” says Amadou Bathily, who is expected to take over the management of Bistrot Gambetta. The house, closed since November, which usually works in the kitchen, was able to repeat the paintings of the room and change the damaged tiles on the floor. “And do a big clean.” “

Creating a take-away space

His neighbor, Stéphane Carlet, manager of the Café-Tabac la Comédie, has also changed the look of his house. “We changed the color of the walls,” describes the owner in front of the gray and sunflower yellow tones of the restaurant area. We did electricity and plumbing. The shelves have also been rearranged, ”he explains, pointing to the tobacco corner. The inscriptions of the window, the canvases of the blinds, as well as the tobacconist’s carrot should also follow.

La Comédie created a space for the sale of take-away pizzas during the first detention. Photo DDM EC

Changes were definitely planned for Stéphane Carlet, who took over comedy two years ago. “Our project was to turn the tobacco area into a wine or tapas bar that would work with the theater’s audience. However, the closure of all cultural institutions and restaurants encouraged us to change our minds. The tobacco area in the bar has not moved, and the former Schwarze Platz, which also belongs to Stéphane Carlet and his wife Patricia Maignel, was converted into a kitchen for the sale of take-away pizzas during their first detention.

Complete change in the Bistro de L’Isa

In the Bistro de L’Isa the work was not improvised either. Éric Bargues, who bought in November 2018, wanted to create a more “cozy” decor. The location, which was planned for December 2020, was finally brought forward by a month with the second limit. “We have revised all of the pictures. And all the furniture changed. The wooden furniture was replaced by tables with black laminate upholstery. “There are more benches and chairs that are covered with fabric. This improves the sound insulation. “”

The three companies that benefit from large terraces are preparing to reopen soon. The target for these restaurants is now May 19th.

He won’t go back

Stéphane Carlet has adapted his work to the circumstances. The former Carré Noir is now dedicated to selling pizzas to take away. The small space between the pizza area and the tobacco area provides distributors of sandwiches and bread. Italian ice and granite machines will also be installed soon. All of this can be refused in a take-out version. “We will not return. The activity is on the right track. We won’t break the dynamic, explains the manager. And then we now understood that it can be repeated. “”

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