Can you give CBD (or hemp) oil to your dog?

CBD! This abbreviation for cannabidiol is becoming more and more common in the media. Since the law of November 19, 2019, the European Court of Justice has approved CBD, provided it does not exceed the THC rate of 0.2%. THC is tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychotropic substance in cannabis.

CBD oil is not yet approved by the French veterinary authorities, but this oil “could” bring them many benefits. In a few months or years, veterinarians may be able to sell these CBD products. In the meantime, the hemp oil alternative can be a solution to relieve some of your dog’s ailments.

Why Use CBD Oil For Your Dog?

CBD oil is increasingly being sold and we are already told that it can help alleviate disease in humans … and like human food that is good for dogs, CBD oil could also be of use to them. CBD is an active component of the cannabis sativa plant. It does not cause any psychoactive effects, so it can be used in animals and especially dogs.

What Are The Alleged Effects Of CBD In Dogs?

Against epilepsy

A dog’s seizures, like a human, require lifelong drug treatment. These seizures can cause many side effects in dogs! Anticonvulsants should be used for the dog’s life, but lighter seizures can still occur. CBD oil in this case could reduce the frequency of seizures and sometimes the number of daily medications.

Chronic pain

As in humans, CBD oil has analgesic effects in dogs. CBD oil would therefore help the older dog suffer less from osteoarthritis or pain related to rheumatism. Osteoarticular pain in dogs is treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, which over time can damage other organs, such as the stomach. Like hemp oil, CBD oil should not have the side effects of drug treatment.

What Are The Alleged Effects Of CBD In Dogs? Photo credit: Shutterstock / Te9l

Against fear!

Is your dog scared and doing silly things in your absence? First, calm him down before you leave! You can try giving him a few drops of hemp oil.

Delay aging

Because CBD oil has antioxidant properties, it can be beneficial in reducing the effects of aging in dogs. And especially at the level of cell aging! It would act on degenerative brain problems and cognitive dysfunction!

Attention !

There is currently no scientific study showing the benefits of CBD in dogs. It has already been validated by veterinarians in Switzerland, but this is not yet the case with us. Before buying CBD on the Internet or even in a store, check the legality of the seller’s side (registration of the commercial register, sirette, etc.).

When making these therapeutic choices for your dog, it is advisable to start with low doses of the product to monitor your pet’s reactions. And very gradually increase the doses administered. To help you with your process, the Conseils website has excellent advice from Dr. Eric TrĂ©nel.

Always seek advice from a veterinarian before giving your pet any medication or supplements. CBD oil should also be offered direct from vets soon, but we’re not there yet! While waiting for hemp oil, this could be an alternative to CBD oil, provided it’s organic and natural in origin.

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