Carcassonne: Le Black nightclub is waiting …

The Basics Since the announcement of the first delivery, nightclubs have blamed themselves. Difficult to bear for the nightlife, which today is suffering enormously from the current health situation. For Le Black (Carcassonne nightclub), the results put a strain on managers’ morale and resources. Julien Ouddane (Manager) is charting a “very tight” financial report.

With the reopening plan announced by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, the discos have seen a glimmer of hope. For Julien Ouddane, manager of Black, the case is still not won: “I don’t see how we can open up. I have a young clientele who are not vaccinated. The situation promises to be complicated.” Despite everything, the desire to find life in one’s club is a priority. Le Black is prepared: “We are reactive, if I have to open again tomorrow, I can do the necessary work quickly.” Fortunate to have an exterior, this nightclub is hoping to welcome the public back and make the city dance as it has before.

Julien Ouddane has suffered a serious loss in his team. Many of his employees have been forced to change lanes due to insufficient unemployment. The concern of putting together a new team is very present. But he always wants to reopen these doors with the same enthusiasm: “I am ready to welcome people if the government allows us.”

The slope is difficult to climb for the blacks. With a complicated financial balance sheet, Julien Ouddane had to make concessions. After applying for a PGE (State Guaranteed Loan), this manager was able to hold his own as best he could. With the “luck” of having a 50% empty rent, this nightclub has found the resources to stay alive. It is full of hope that the black man’s manager will want the party to come to a standstill for him and the other discos.

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