Cargo bike: the amazing electric tricycle Mastretta MX3 has it under the pedals!

Even if the beautiful days return, tomorrow we will begin the famous month of the “Mars showers”! And if you choose to go on a short bike ride, it is better to go out under a roof! And with a bike it is not always easy to protect yourself from the rain …

For those who cycle to work, arriving at the office soaked in soup is not particularly pleasant! Unless you have the chance to drive the new model of an electric tricycle from Mastretta! This Mexican sports car brand is getting into the electric tricycle!

For those in the know, Mastretta is the MXT! 250 HP and 4 cylinders! Nothing to do with your new vehicle, which still seems to bring together all the qualities of the brand. Its name is the MW3 and it is “Mastretta yellow” like the emblematic car of the brand!

The electric tricycle from MastrettaBikes has disc brakes on all three wheels, a tilt mechanism for cornering and suspensions on the front wheels. The lowest placed battery ensures ideal road holding. This new type of cargo bike is no longer a simple utility, but makes vacation travel possible for its convenience.

The MX3 Cargo Bike. Photo credit: Mastretta

The awning designed in Mexico can therefore protect you better from the sun. However, it also works in the rain! In terms of performance, there are several models available with rear cargo, front cargo, or both:

Light version with 250 W motor and 360 Wh battery. Large version with 500 W motor and battery up to 1.44 kWh

It is of course possible to use the bike without a load. The bike itself has a canopy that protects against weather conditions.