Carrefour introduces an “electric bike” for € 200, the use of which is strictly prohibited on public roads …

For the coming summer and hopefully the good weather, you might be considering buying an electric balance bike? And that’s good enough, as Carrefour stores are announcing the release of the MOOVWAY for June 22nd. Be careful, however, do not imagine buying an electric bike and leaving the store by the handlebars of your machine.

In terms of communication, the sellers will have a bit of work to do! The same type of balance bike was sold by Auchan some time ago, but it’s not actually an electric bike! According to the law, it’s an electric scooter and that changes everything, but then really everything! We explain why!

A legal imbroglio!

The Moovway balance bike offered by Carrefour has a saddle, handlebars and two wheels! But don’t look for pedals, they don’t exist! And it is precisely this detail that will switch the balance bike into the scooter category!

In this context, the magazine 60 Million Consumers reports on the mishap of Yanis, a buyer who was not informed of the problem: “I had ordered this gyroboarder three days earlier at the Auchan site. But nowhere were all of these elements specified. “And it cost him a lot of money: a total of € 430 for missing registration, missing insurance, missing AM license, missing helmet, gloves and mask, as long as it has to be done!

An electric bike without a pedal, what a great idea! Image credit: Carrefour

How do you use it then?

Before buying this balance bike you must:

Pass your AM license (between € 150 and € 450). Insure your balance bike (approx. € 100 per year). Buy the mandatory equipment for practicing the scooter (gloves, helmets). Create a certificate of registration (gray card).

This increases the MoovWay call price by 199 €!

Then what about the technical side?

The Carrefour balance bike is well designed for city use and offers properties similar to an electric bike.

25 km / h maximum speed 17 km autonomy

Ah, if only they had thought of putting the pedals on the balance bike, everything would have been easier. And suddenly there are only a few solutions left to use in your garden.

And the bad buzz doesn’t stop there

According to 60 million consumers, registering the bike is impossible! This is for the simple reason that a vehicle registration certificate is required to issue a vehicle registration document. Most manufacturers do not submit their products for certification exams. And if not, since the balance bike is not considered a personal motorized mobility vehicle, it cannot use bike paths!

Mathilde, a young girl from Cannes, had the painful experience: “We are faced with a legal vacuum that forbids us to use it in public spaces and we have no administrative means to get out of it. Of course, no wheel retailer informs us about this and about the difficulties that will arise when purchasing this product. “”

Be careful unless you want to offer your mother-in-law or boss a poisoned gift. And if you run the risk of being a painful customer, contact the seller. In short, if it doesn’t, no pedals, no homologation, run away!

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