Casteljaloux. “Beijing Express”: On the way to Ethiopia for the two brothers from Lot-et-Garonne?

Tonight the adventure of Pierre-Louis and Arnaud, the two party-loving brothers from Lot-et-Garonne, continues in the “Pékin Express” on the M6. Last week they had honored their roots by qualifying very quickly for the third stage thanks to good strategic decisions. It even allowed them to come in first place in Katwe and offer them privileges. Among them, this moment of happiness passed through a brief appeal to their parents. An unforgettable moment that you will remember at the end of this adventure.

Losing sight of wildlife

However, the journey of the two brothers is not over yet, as they will be representing the department for the last stage in Uganda again from 9 p.m. Day’s goal: to get his passport for Ethiopia. Always encouraged, as it should be on social networks, their fans will see them leave the sublime Mburo National Park. Despite the urge to arrive at the final destination, you can spot spectacular wildlife such as giraffes, hippos and even lions. You will continue to the magnificent bird reserve in the middle of the Mabamba swamps before ending your journey on this stage in Kampala, the Ugandan capital. A city with a particularly high population density of 21,032 inhabitants / km2. Will our two night owls manage to overcome all of these obstacles in order to continue the adventure? In any case, they won’t let go. And will continue to be able to count on considerable support in social networks. Answer within 23 hours …