Chatou (78): A pedestrian crossing that prohibits pedestrians from giving priority to cars during rush hour …

Since you were young, you’ve been told to cross on pedestrian crossings! Indeed, it is normal and necessary to take the “crosswalk” when you walk. However, if you are walking on the border between two departments of the Ile-de-France, the pedestrian crossing is forbidden to pedestrians.

The Chatou Bridge (78), which allows you to cross the Seine to get to Rueil-Malmaison (92), has a special signposting … This prohibition must be qualified as it is forbidden to cross it, but only during rush hour! Explanations.

For those who know the area, this bridge is at the exit of the A86, a belt of motorway that welcomes all traffic around Paris! More than 45,000 vehicles of all kinds pass by on this bridge every day! To smooth the traffic and prevent a major traffic jam, Chatou City Hall has made a radical decision!

Pedestrians are no longer allowed to cross this bridge for three hours a day. Pedestrian crossings caused monumental traffic jams every day as they passed the trigger of the traffic light

Pedestrian crossing closed at 3:30 a day

From 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., the “pedestrian light” never goes through the green again, it flashes orange to let cars by. During these car priority hours, the municipality set up a pedestrian underpass … The problem is that access is difficult and, especially for wheelchair users, completely impossible! A steep underground passage through which the elderly or people with reduced mobility hardly …

A pedestrian crossing prohibited for pedestrians? Welcome to Chatou in the Yvelines, a town crossed by the D 186, a busy 2 x 2 lane axis that serves west of Paris.

– Commute de Paris (@CommuteDeParis) February 18, 2021

Circumvent six obstacles to gain access! The municipality therefore preferred to reserve the 315 m bridge for cars rather than pedestrians and cyclists. At the beginning of the restriction, a cycle path was set up … No more restriction, no more cycle path! Make way for cars! Meditate!