Chëf Berliner Kebap: The best kebab in France is Lyonnais!

This is news that one of our editors should like 😊! The best kebab in France is in the Rhône, and more precisely on the slopes of La Croix-Rousse! The Lyon restaurant Chëf Berliner Kebap won the ranking of the program “Très Très bon”, which was broadcast on “Paris Première”!

This restaurant is a family affair as it is run by a brother and sister and apparently delights the taste buds of its customers. After only seven months and despite the health crisis, the two residents of Lyon are at the top of this ranking!

The kebab is a phenomenal success in France

Who has never ordered a full white sauce or bigui sauce? This generous sandwich with veal, lettuce, tomatoes and onions accompanies many of our meals or football evenings! It would even replace pizza for some kebab addicts! And it’s not for nothing, according to Planetoscope, that 350,000,000 kebabs are consumed in France every year.

The end of the show’s ranking

To achieve this result, food critic François-Régis Gaudry and street food specialists Hirmane Abdoulhakime and Mina Soundiram tested kebabs across France.

With the Lyons, the veal spit is French, the vegetables are local, grilled and marinated. They accompany their sandwiches with cream cheese and homemade sauces. And to keep everyone happy, they also offer a vegetarian and vegan recipe. The critics weren’t wrong … and customers praise this restaurant in their free comments!

They accompany their sandwiches with cream cheese and homemade sauces. Photo credits: CHËF – berliner kebap

But what is a real kebab?

Kebab is an oriental dish that can be eaten either on the plate or in Turkish or Lebanese bread. And inside there is meat from lamb, beef, veal, mutton, turkey or chicken … Everything cut into very thin slices and garnished with vegetables such as lettuce, tomato, onion, sometimes pepper. … And of course the kebab is generously accompanied by homemade Sauce and golden and crispy fries … you now know where to try the best kebab in France …

Where can I find the best kebab in Lyon (and France)?

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