China reportedly warns of destructive space weapons and warns US intelligence

The information was reported by our colleagues at Futurism. According to this media broadcast, the US office of the director of the National Intelligence Service (ODNI) released a report a few days ago that China is building dangerous space weapons that could destroy American satellites. The Global Risk Assessment Report for this discovery was recently submitted to lawmakers.

According to Avril Haines, Beijing is trying to dethrone Washington in the space arms race. “There is no doubt that China is trying to stay one step ahead of the US on space weapons. She has worked hard on a variety of efforts in this area to try to challenge what is believed to be our leadership, “said the director of ODNI, as quoted by Defense News.

Weapons that can deactivate American satellites

In its report, the US Office of National Intelligence revealed that the leading Asian power had already deployed land-based missiles capable of destroying satellites in low orbit. It turns out that the country has also built ground-based laser infrastructures that will likely serve to “blind” American satellites or even damage their optical sensors.

The document also mentions a variety of threats to the United States. Among them are the Covid-19 pandemic, global warming, weapons of mass destruction and terrorist organizations to name a few examples.

Weapons that can deactivate American satellites. Image credit: Shutterstock / 3Dsculptor

Chinese space station in sight

To show how determined China is to achieve its goal, the country is currently in the final stages of preparations to launch its space station into orbit, according to the ODNI. A project that is obviously in no way military, but proves that Beijing can become a leading space power, especially as the International Space Station nears the end of its life. In this regard, China is aiming for low orbit from 2021. The structure is expected to weigh 60 tons and comprise three modules.

Multiple attack options

The threat posed by Chinese space weapons has become increasingly worrying in recent years. In 2019, the US Department of Defense published a report in which several attack options were named, ranging from cybernetic weapons to targeted energy weapons and anti-satellite missiles. In light of these ambitious plans by the Chinese government, the Intelligence Committee urges US officials to scrutinize this disruptive geopolitical dynamic.

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