Classic films could soon be sporting modern commercials

We’re pretty familiar with advertising right now. They follow us on the internet as well as on TV and on our smartphones, even when we play video games. However, for some advertisers, this still doesn’t seem enough.

In addition, a UK company decided to fulfill his wish by developing technology that would allow adding “subtle” product placement in an area you wouldn’t necessarily think of: classic films.

Mirriad wants to bring classic films up to date

This company is called Mirriad. This is a London based company that offers to insert personalized product placements into movies and TV shows, even though they were released decades ago. In fact, the company would use artificial intelligence that analyzes old movies and episodes from television series to find a place where advertisements and products can be placed as discreetly as possible.

For example, it could be a bottle of a new brand of beer placed on a table, or even a giant billboard displaying an advertisement for a brand’s clothing. Currently popular, reports MailOnline.

In any case, this means that we could soon see an advertisement for Coca Cola, Apple or McDonald’s on old Hollywood classics like The Great Escape or Casablanca on streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. In addition, Mirriad goes even further and claims to be able to present different ads to different people based on their internet search history.

“Product placement is a lucrative practice for brands. “Explains the Fredzone website. “The total value of product placements across all media – including television, films and recorded music – increased 14.5% over the year to $ 20.57 billion (£ 15 billion),” said

A digital retouch that could pose many legal problems

Mirriad, which qualifies as a Computer Vision and AI Platform Company, previously worked on special effects creation for movies. Therefore, the company has used its experience in the field to make advertising as realistic as possible. The goal? Don’t even let the user realize that the ad isn’t part of the original movie.

According to Stephan Beringer, CEO of Mirriad, “technology can read an image – it encompasses depth, movement, material, everything.” However, not everyone is enthusiastic about this project. Such is the case with film critic Anne Billson, who told the BBC that digital product placement undermines artistic integrity and raises legal issues.

The goal? Don’t even let the user realize that the ad isn’t part of the original movie. Counterexample with a Charlie Chaplin film.

In particular, she says, “I would be interested to know what the legal aspect of digital retouching a copyrighted work is, or whether advertisers should buy the film before they forge it. It also challenges the role of the production designer who put a lot of thought into what something looks like, only for a random announcer to come in later and mess it up with changes. “”

The concept of Mirriad is also useful for musicians

Nevertheless, the Mirriad concept also interests musicians. The company even established the Music Alliance, a specialized division dedicated to the growing creative and financial opportunities for musicians. This division enables musicians to add new digital product placement to their old music videos for an additional source of income.

Some have already joined this alliance, including Red Light Management, which represents groups like Kaiser Chiefs and Franz Ferdinand. According to James Sandom, CEO of Red Light Management, the opportunity to develop new revenue streams is rare and the opportunity to re-use existing content and create new content is exciting.

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