Clever! A voice amplifier that attaches to the mask so you can be better understood!

How often do we have to let our interlocutor repeat? Even if we are not hard of hearing with the mask on, conversations are sometimes complicated! For people with hearing loss, wearing a mask is a real pain …

Even if there are inclusive masks, they are not yet dominant in the market … So we repeat, we speak louder, we try to articulate year after year! Unless a small, innovative device can help us a lot: The Factem PVA 100! A small object that could change the lives of the hearing impaired, students facing their teachers, or a boss for employees! Presentation.

Who is Factem?

FACTEM is a French SME based in Bayeux (Calvados). They specialize in the development and manufacture of audio accessories. If you follow innovations in the aviation industry, Factem has been equipping Airbus cockpits with the FL20 helmet since 2018.

What is the PVA 100?

This discreet little device could change our lives! It’s a small compact speaker that comes with a microphone with anti-feedback treatment, the company explains in a press release it sent us. It amplifies the voice to be better understood by those who listen to us.

A microphone and a portable amplifier. Photo credit: Factem

With the mask, it becomes a growing problem in companies, but also in schools or in places where a conversation takes place with another person. In addition to the voice amplifier, the PVA 100 can also be used to stream audio content from an SD card or USB stick.

What does PVA 100 use?

The uses of PVA 100 could be numerous due to the difficulty of understanding it … tour guides, teachers, firefighters, supervisors, sports trainers, secretaries … the panel is wide. And this little accessory should be of great use to all these professionals who need to be perfectly understood by their audience.