Cluster in Montauban prison: 30 inmates and a dozen guards are now positive for Covid-19

The essentials The cluster that turned up in the Montauban remand prison a week ago is growing. Thirty inmates and a dozen guards are now positive about Covid-19. An outbreak of cases in just a few days of concern.

The epidemic focus of Covid-19 disease has been spreading in the Montauban remand prison for a week. On this Wednesday evening, April 28, around thirty inmates are currently positive for Covid-19, confirms the prison management from Toulouse. “Today 37 new inmates were tested. Ten new ones were found positive, adding to the twenty already declared, ”explains Clément Orus-Catalan, CGT delegate.

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According to the brother of one of the inmates in the remand prison, one of the positive cases is affected by the English variant and can be released on May 15. The regional directorate for prison services in Toulouse states that it does not communicate on “individual situations”.

“The Hecatomb”

On the side of the agent “it’s the hecatomb”, loose Clément Orus-Catalan. “Big dozen” monitors are now positive for Covid-19 after the screening campaign ran earlier this week. All employees will be retested for D + 7 on Monday 3rd and Wednesday 5th May.

“The situation is getting a little tense,” says the local secretary of the CGT. However, no rendition is currently planned to clear the facility and allow full isolation of positive cases when the Montauban remand prison is no longer home to detainees (the next detentions are currently being diverted to Seysses in Haute-Garonne).

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