Conspirators will finally wear the mask … to protect themselves from vaccinated people!

Since the pandemic started, some scandals have wept over wearing masks or social distancing. These people, called “the conspirators”, think of a conspiracy theory and reject barrier gestures … It is therefore logical that these people would become “anti-vax” …

One conspiracy has been that the vaccinated person will spread certain proteins in the vaccine to those who are not … and that these will then have undesirable effects. So the Anti-Vax would seriously consider wearing the mask to protect themselves from vaccinated people? As the saying goes, it’s just fools who don’t change their mind, right?

A positive conspiracy theory for society?

An article published in The Vice newspaper looks back at this rather unexpected turn. The conspirators provoke some of the effects of the vaccinated on the unvaccinated: irregular menstruation and miscarriages! Most importantly, they base their theory on the conspiracy that COVID 19 is a ploy to depopulate the world … and that the vaccine will eliminate those who didn’t!

In a Reuters article, experts explain that the conspiracy is based on a misunderstanding about how vaccines work. Suddenly, Anti-Vax, which are often anti-masks too, explain that the best way to protect yourself is to keep social distance from the vaccinated! What they refuted a few months ago!

Larry Palevsky, a pediatrician and anti-Vaxxer from New York, explains: There is something that gets passed from people who have received this poison to others who have not been vaccinated. And he adds that they should even “have a badge on their arm that says I have been vaccinated even though it is not a vaccine.” “And only to be able to distance the vaccinated and the others! So a Reverse Health Pass?

Canada, October 18, 2020, Antimask AntiCovid, anti-vaccine demonstration in downtown Vancouver. Photo Credit: Shutterstock / EJ Nickerson

As a result, the anti-masks of the early days of the pandemic begin to turn their jackets over and tell themselves that the mask would be their salvation … just to protect them from vaccinated people, but still not from the coronavirus!

A silver mask, just a solution or a commercial operation?

And let’s not fool ourselves, some are already starting to surf on this topic … Money is the tendon of war, when people are scared there is inevitable money to be made! To counteract the vaccinated, some famous anti-vax advocate the colloidal silver mask! It would be the only effective against the excretions of the vaccinated! And these silver masks are mostly available in holistic stores that are popular with conspirators in general.

The anti-mask phenomenon is turning into anti-vax and the advocacy of wearing silver masks is increasing. In a private school in Miami, vaccinated teachers are ordered not to interact with unvaccinated students! Vaccinated People’s Business is Banned in British Columbia …

Natural News, an anti-vaccination conspiracy site banned by Facebook for spreading misinformation, reports the spill. They stated that “wearing a mask is not necessary to protect yourself from spikes in protein transfer. “Be careful, the fall is terrible: To protect yourself from the coronavirus, Natural News encourages people to drink” pine needle tea “!

At NeozOne we’re more “vaccines” than “pine needle tea”, strangely enough, we feel better protected! Conspiracy theories are a real scourge for our society and are activated for almost every event! Finally they’ll be wearing masks from now on, it’s not bad!

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