Coronavirus: 62 dead since Tuesday in Occitania and almost 250 patients in the intensive care unit

The essential occitanie has recorded 62 deaths from Covid-19 in the past three days, bringing the total number of deaths since the pandemic started to 3,300. More than 240 patients are in the intensive care unit this Friday evening. Hospital admissions are falling slightly.

The number of hospital stays in Occitania has declined this Friday, March 5th, but remains high with 1,369 patients treated for Covid-19, according to the ARS. A decrease of 174 patients has been observed since Tuesday. There is also a slight decrease of 12 patients in the intensive care unit: There are 241 coronavirus patients this Friday evening. Between Tuesday and Friday, 62 additional deaths from Covid-19 were recorded in the region, bringing the number of deaths in healthcare facilities to 3,300 since the epidemic began in March 2020 in Occitania. In the case of contamination, there is an average of 1,132 per day.

In addition, the ARS reminds of the “strengthening of the vaccination operations that are being organized throughout the region this weekend”. More than 15,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine are given at numerous vaccination sites. “The availability of these new cans will make it possible to offer new appointments to priority people,” the ARS said in a press release.

Here are the latest ARS figures on the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is also an opportunity for all health professionals who need to lead by example by vaccinating,” the ARS added. As a reminder, only a third of nurses have agreed to be vaccinated for the time being.

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