Cosmetics: what is a bath bomb?

What could be nicer than a nice hot bath after a hard day’s work or shopping? Whether you telework or not, sunbathing in a hot bath is a moment of pure relaxation … With a good book it is even better … The calm, the warmth of the water on your body, the creamy foam of your bath …

Are you there? But what if that smooth foam came from a bath bomb you made yourself? Wouldn’t that be a little personal satisfaction in addition to a moment of relaxation? Whether you’re ready to make your own bath bomb or buy it ready-made, we have it all for you!

A bath ? Why not from time to time?

Okay, a bathroom is not very ecological, but it still does a lot of good! Every now and then we can still allow ourselves this moment of relaxation … And if you are stressed or have back pain, there is nothing better to soothe you!

What is a bath bomb?

Have you ever dipped an aspirin pill in a glass of water? Well, it’s the same principle, you drop the bomb in the bathtub, it doesn’t explode, but it creates a bubbly reaction, releasing its benefits and smells! You can of course find it in stores or on websites like MakeUp Revolution. In the form of hearts, balls or flowers, the choice is large … Colorful, fragrant, glittering, you are spoiled for choice … You also know that those based on essential oils can bring you their benefits.

Strawberry Spronkles Bath Bomb. Photo credit: MakeUp Revolution

How does a bath bomb work?

The commercially available bath bomb consists of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate … When solidified, the two components form a chemical reaction when they come into contact with the water in your bathtub (but not dangerous). Quite simply by generating carbon dioxide: sodium citrate … The magic of effervescence only takes a few minutes. On the other hand, the effects will keep the time of your bath!

How do i make your bath bombs

Anyone who says baking soda and citric acid says “I can do it myself”! And this is how you go about it, always matching 50% sodium bicarbonate, 25% clay and 25% citric acid … For example, for 100 g bicarbonate you need 50 g clay of the color of your choice and 50 g citric acid. It goes without saying that choosing organic products is only better for your skin!

It is therefore the color of your clay that makes up that of your bath bomb! It is possible to add food or vegetable coloring and this is a great idea for kids! Always organic dyes preferably.

Mix up all of the above ingredients by adding your essential oils, coloring, and citrus peel. Just form a ball in your hands or put the dough in shapes in the shape of a heart, made of stars. Let the air harden for 24 hours. All you have to do is toss it in your bath water and … enjoy!

What can you add to the initial mix?

Then it’s up to you to add vegetable oils! Coconut, apricot, sweet almond, avocado, hemp … they all have different properties and benefits. For us one day coconut will always be coconut, but you can also try cocoa or milk powder … Original and almost delicious … After all, you still prefer a cup of hot chocolate for bathing water!

You can also incorporate essential oils into your bath bombs … they have all the benefits like relaxation, energy, sleep aids, like we said before … Finally, you can also add petals, glitter and grated mixture into your coconut mix … it’s a bit like you sing! Keep them away from moisture so they don’t bubble. An idea that you can make yourself or offer is entirely up to you!

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