Covid-19: 140 deaths this Sunday in France, resuscitation and hospital stays slightly increased

Most 140 patients died of Covid-19 that Sunday in France. The number of resuscitation and hospitalizations, which decreased on Saturday, rose again on Sunday.

The Covid-19 is the origin of the death of 140 people this Sunday in the last twenty-four hours, according to Public Health France. The total number of deaths has risen to 100,762 since the virus appeared a year ago.

Hospitals and clinics are currently treating 30,789 patients infected with the coronavirus across France. A figure from Saturday. During the day, 1111 new patients were hospitalized.

The intensive care and intensive care services greeted 5,893 people this Sunday evening. A number that has increased since yesterday. 233 new patients were enrolled in the last twenty-four hours.

4.5 million French people are fully vaccinated

The vaccination campaign continued that Sunday with 62,808 first injections and 36,802 second injections. A total of 4,540,008 French people received the two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, representing 8.6% of the adult population. 12,556,263 French received a first injection, or 23.9% of the adult population.

The travel restrictions were lifted from May

While imprisonment in France lasts until at least the beginning of May, Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with American television CBS this Sunday that France would “gradually lift” travel restrictions on vaccinated French, European and American people in early May.

NEW: French President Emmanuel Macron says France will “gradually lift” travel restrictions in early May, including for vaccinated American citizens. According to Macron, initial plans were discussed with the White House.

– Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation) April 18, 2021

The head of state confirmed that a “special passport” should be created to allow travel between European countries. “We are in the process of creating a European certificate to make it easier to travel after these restrictions between different European countries with tests and vaccinations,” said Emmanuel Macron.

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