Covid-19: 15 primary schools and 73 classes in the Toulouse Academy closed

The essentials In the Toulouse Academy, 15 elementary schools and 73 elementary schools are closed.

According to the latest situation report from the Ministry of National Education on Friday April 30th, 33 primary schools across France and 1,104 classes are closed. 2,067 students are positive for Covid-19 (+778 in 24 hours). And 231 employees are infected (+53 in 24 hours).

The Toulouse Academy has 15 closed schools. It is the one that has the most in all of France, almost half.

School closings by the Ministry of National Education

73 classes were closed in both the Toulouse Academy and Créteil.

1st grade closed by the Ministry of National Education

At the end of the day on Wednesday, thirteen classes in the schools of Haute-Garonne were closed. In each of them, at least one student tested positive for Covid-19.

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