Covid-19: 5,626 patients in the intensive care unit, 2,459 new hospitalizations within 24 hours

The essentials According to Public Health France, there are currently 5,626 patients in intensive care units due to Covid-19. In the last 24 hours, 2,456 new admissions were made to hospital wards.

According to daily data from Public Health France, 409 new deaths related to Covid-19 have been recorded in the hospital in the past 24 hours. There are currently 5,626 patients in intensive care and 632 new admissions have been made in the last 24 hours.

30,639 people are currently hospitalized for Covid-19, which corresponds to 2459 new admissions within 24 hours. The symbolic limit of 30,000 patients with Covid-19 in the hospital was therefore exceeded again.

Since January 7th, when hospitals had “only” 2,573 Covid patients in intensive care, the number of intensive care units has only increased.

9,526,509 people vaccinated

Since the vaccination campaign began in France, 9,526,509 people have received at least one injection (i.e. 14.2% of the total population and 18.1% of the adult population) and 3,242,743 people have received two injections (i.e. 4.8 % of the total population and 6.2% of the adult population), according to data released Tuesday by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health.

Prime Minister Jean Castex visited Satde de France this Tuesday to mark the opening of the huge Covid-19 vaccination center. On this occasion he spoke of the desire to accelerate vaccination at the national level. “Thanks to vaccination, we will overcome this terrible crisis,” added the Prime Minister. “This month is a very important month as vaccination is speeding up. We will receive more than 12 million doses,” he added.

“It is necessary to vaccinate, to vaccinate, to vaccinate, and besides it is essential to keep the barrier gestures and respect the braking measures that we have been put in place,” he added, ensuring that “there is this alliance between the precautionary measures Measures and vaccinations “would make it possible to consider the way out of the crisis.