Covid-19: A booth where you have to sing or shout loudly to get tested

This ongoing Covid 19 epidemic is driving us crazy! PCR test, transgenic, anal, saliva! Tissue masks, surgical, FFP2 with crossed rubber bands … or not! This madness that invades the world has not escaped certain inventors! In the past few weeks, a somewhat special cabin has been tested in the Netherlands!

Peter Van Wees, its inventor, believes he can detect Covid 19 with an unusual test! Lock yourself in a booth, then shout, sing loudly, scream … be careful, even if this booth exists, it is not currently under medical consideration!

We have to admit that smearings on the nose are not particularly pleasant … And since SARS COV 2 is an RNA virus, so it’s volatile, it’s in the air! Peter Van Wees and the Netherlands are currently experimenting with a possible new form of screening. This consists of putting one person in a single cubicle. For 2 to 3 minutes the tested person sings and screams wholeheartedly …

The result falls 3 minutes later, then an air purifier comes to clean the cabin for the next patient. “When you have the coronavirus and you scream and shout, you are spreading tens of thousands of particles that contain the virus,” Peter Van Wees told The Independent. Which is pretty logical in the end, even if it seems pretty eccentric.

For 2 to 3 minutes, the tested person sings and screams wholeheartedly … Photo credit: Shutterstock /

This is just a test … for now!

So far, no medical study has been able to prove the effectiveness of this new screening technique! And we don’t know if it will one day be validated! But the concept does exist, and with everything we’re seeing right now, we believe he found the holy grail when it comes to testing for the coronavirus.

Imagine an airlock at every entrance to a stadium or concert hall … in 5 minutes you would know if you could go into the pit to sing without losing your voice … or if you had to turn back! Even if this cabin does not see the light of day, it suggests other solutions than swab …

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