Covid-19: A year later, Macron is facing the 3rd wave …

The Basics A year after the first childbirth, France is again faced with tough decisions to curb what the Prime Minister called the 3rd wave form while vaccination is still slipping.

A year after the country’s first containment, which began on March 17, 2020, the situation appears to have stagnated and the return, if not to “life before”, at least to a more normal life, seems to be something more. remove. In fact, the number of cases in certain regions is still so high or even very worrying. Hospitals, especially in Île-de-France, are on the brink of saturation, to the point where we increase the number of transfers of patients to less affected regions, the testing and tracking policy is still not sufficiently effective , and the vaccination campaign, on which the executive has done everything possible to postpone a third delivery as much as possible and ultimately hope for better days, is moving at a turtle pace due to insufficient doses and tight logistics and is currently having another setback suffered with the suspension of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The French no longer believe in a return to normal

If we add the psychological impact of the 6 p.m. curfew, the weekend restrictions for thousands of people, the plight of students, restaurateurs and cultural actors, we understand that the French have a morale at half-mast, as the latest Ifop poll shows ( see below). More seriously, for most of them, the famous “world after,” which some have viewed as full of promise and positive change, will in fact be the same as it was before … and worse! 71% of respondents believe that normal normalcy will never return, even if the virus is no longer a major problem …
This darkness, fueled by the weariness of strenuous barrier measures and the feeling of the endless day of the epidemic, puts Emmanuel Macron – like other European leaders elsewhere – at the foot of the wall against the Covid. One may also ask: Was it relevant to suspend the AstraZeneca vaccine because of possible side effects without a scientific study establishing the causal link of a number of suspected cases, which are still very limited (30 cases for 5 million doses)? Was it important to dispel public opinion about a vaccine that has already been given to millions of people in the name of extreme precaution? After all, was it relevant to argue anti-vaccines when opinion had grown in favor of the vaccine in recent weeks? The European heads of state and government will undoubtedly face their responsibilities later. In the meantime, each one of them just needs to keep their fingers crossed that the opinion that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has to give tomorrow is in line with that of the agency and WHO, which have been expressing the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine since Monday outweigh the risks associated with a vaccine or drug. It is all the more important to overcome this unfortunate episode quickly and to resume vaccination on a massive scale, as Europe is once again hit by an epidemic recovery, compounded by more contagious and deadly variants.

Local new hires?

In France, where the death toll has surpassed the horrific 90,000 mark, Emmanuel Macron is on a tight rope preparing to take the tough decisions in the coming days that the executive – through political gamble – is facing Local reconfigurations pushed back maximum. The Scientific Council now also recommends them in its latest opinion (and not at national level), provided that they are adopted as soon as possible.
While 4,239 patients were in intensive care yesterday, unknown since November 2020, Jean Castex estimated that France has entered “some form of the third wave” of the epidemic. The prime minister said he is still putting vaccination “at the forefront of strategy” to contain it and achieve “more normal life” in mid-April, as promised by the executive branch. However, that horizon still seems very uncertain. Because as Emmanuel Macron stated on Monday in Montauban, a year after the arrival of the Covid in our area, “the master of time is unfortunately the virus …”