Covid-19: Alain Fischer expects a return to normal life “in summer or in autumn”.

The main professor Alain Fischer, “Mr. Vaccine” of the government and chairman of the orientation council for the vaccination strategy, is optimistic for a return to normal life in the coming months.

3 or 6 months before returning to “normal life”? In any case, Alain Fischer, the government’s “vaccine man”, thinks. The government vaccine man, who was invited to BFMTV this Monday morning, is hoping for a return to normal “in summer, in autumn”. He sums it up: “It will take a while because for life to return to normal, the spread of the virus must have decreased significantly and the most vulnerable people, 20 million French, must be protected. Definitely anyone who does want.” So it takes a while. “

Vaccinate everyone?

On Sunday March 21st, during an interview with Europe 1 / Cnews / Les Echos, the Mayoress of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, asked for “vaccinations for everyone who works with children”, but also for all people the front “.

An idea that Alain Fischer does not share: it is “not a really good idea”. “This is not a political judgment, it is purely scientific,” he said. The professor wanted to remind that “the priority is first and foremost to protect the most vulnerable people”.