Covid-19: China now requires all foreign travelers to take an anal test!

China is just now mandating anal tests for anyone entering the country. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Nitiphonphat

We know traveling is difficult right now! Some borders are closed to foreigners, others remain open, but the conditions for entering the countries are different … And at the moment it is not good to land in Beijing! China just made anal tests mandatory for all immigrants …

And that despite criticism from all over the world. The Chinese government remains convinced that anal tests are the most effective at detecting Covid 19. It is therefore confirmed that all foreign travelers must undergo this test!

This decision is not unanimous internationally, of course Japan has also asked China to end this practice! By appealing to the mental ailment suffered by those who have had to pass this rather intimate test! China has not received inquiries from other authorities, arguing that traces of Covid19 remain in the digestive system longer than in the respiratory tract.

And how does that work in detail?

Specifically, the famous 3 to 5 cm swab that we get in Europe in the nose … In China it is the same principle, but it is inserted into the anus for 10 seconds! Screening Centers will be set up at Shanghai and Beijing International Airports!

Could this be a way to “close the borders” while keeping them open? Photo credit: Shutterstock / Iurii Stepanov

However, ahead of the international outcry caused by this decision, the Chinese authorities have an alternative for those resistant to the anal test! Providing a stool sample at the airport upon arrival on Chinese soil!

China is the only country doing anal testing at the moment. We hope this practice does not spread to the rest of the world. Could this be a way to close the borders while keeping them open? If you go to China, now you definitely know what to expect! Unless you can postpone your stay?

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