Covid-19: Emmanuel Macron promises “new measures” and says that “there is no taboo”

The essential Emmanuel Macron spoke on Thursday evening at the end of the European Council from the Elysee Palace. He returned to the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in France and his strategy.

The European heads of state and government met on Thursday afternoon for a two-day video conference summit. Among the topics discussed: the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in Europe.

This European Council focused on “the European fight against the virus, in particular accelerating the vaccination campaign,” said Emmanuel Macron. “There is no other solution than a European solution,” he said at the beginning of his speech.

Here are the main statements made by the President of the Republic.

All French people can be vaccinated by the end of summer

Emmanuel Macron assures him: “By the end of the summer we will offer all French people the opportunity to be vaccinated.” The head of state had already set this goal, which he reaffirmed this Thursday evening. 10 million French people will be vaccinated in mid-April, 20 million in mid-May and 30 million in mid-June. He speaks of “a reasonable prospect of hope: we have a safer course”.

France will take the measures “in good time”.

“Depending on the development of the epidemic, we will take all necessary measures in good time. But there is no taboo,” said Emmanuel Macron. He was ready to adjust the measures to best slow the development of the epidemic. France has introduced new traffic restrictions in three new departments: Rhône, Nièvre and Aube. These measures now affect nineteen departments.

“We were right not to restrict France”

Emmanuel Macron believes he was right not to restrict France on January 29, 2021. The Covid-19 explosion predicted by the models did not take place, Emmanuel Macron recalled: “He said.

“The contractual obligations we entered into with AstraZeneca were not met.”

120 million doses were promised, 30 million doses were given, details Emmanuel Macron. “The contractual obligations we entered into with AstraZeneca were not met.” Conversely, “all contracts between the European Union and Pfizer-BioNtech and Moderna were kept,” he confirms.

“We are in a speed race between the third wave and the acceleration of the vaccination campaign,” said Emmanuel Macron. The head of state admitted “we were late” in Europe, but the acceleration of the vaccination campaign and the production of vaccines will allow 420 million doses to be delivered in Europe by July. He believes that by that date Europe will have achieved collective immunity. “

European coordination for an optimal vaccination campaign

Emmanuel Macron announced a coordination between France, the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, and the EU Commissioner Thierry Breton.

“We have tried to boost European vaccine production. This will increase production and produce for ourselves. Europe will be the continent where most of the Covid-19 vaccines are made.”

For the President of the Republic, certain member states “without a European buying mechanism” would not have been able to benefit from vaccines so quickly.

Europe will enforce the rules of the game

The European Union has activated export control mechanisms for vaccines. “This has made it possible to prevent other developed countries from using themselves at the expense of Europe,” Macron said after renewing France’s support for these control measures.

These control mechanisms should enable European countries to gain access to the promised vaccine doses, especially those of AstraZeneca.

Second generation vaccines

The ERA or the European Research Area is an essential European mechanism. “There will be an initial investment of 50 million euros” to develop second generation vaccines as quickly as possible. They will make it possible to cope with the new variants.