Covid-19: Emmanuel Macron proposes reopening “in stages” and territorializing

Mainly Emmanuel Macron said on Monday that the reopening of restaurants would take place “gradually” between the beginning of May and the end of June, depending in particular on the incidence rate of Covid-19 in the departments.

“We’re going to have opening phases: there is the May 3rd phase (end of traffic restrictions, editor’s note), it will be mid-May, there will be a phase – I think – beginning of June and then another phase in mid or end of June” said the head of state on the sidelines of a trip to Melun (Seine-et-Marne) on the occasion of the start of the school year.

“We want to take it very slowly to prevent it from starting all over again,” he insisted.

“Each (the phases) will depend on the results we have achieved: we always look for ten to fifteen days to consolidate the results,” continued the President, who was questioned by the audience during a tour.

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“I think we can’t reopen the restaurants, say at the end of May or June, in departments where there is still a lot of circulation,” Emmanuel Macron warned again, but “in other (departments) where it has dropped a lot “I think we have to open it up”.

Reduced measured values ​​in cultural institutions

“It depends on how things are going to go. We’ve seen things go down. So I’m confident,” he argued, noting that “we’re more likely to contaminate ourselves when it’s closed and when you’re eating, that is you must first try to limit “while in relation to the terraces” we can see that it is less annoying than when we are inside, it is common sense “.

With regard to cultural institutions, “we will try to reopen them on a reduced scale from the first phase,” said the President of the Republic.

“For theater, cinema and others, we can see that if we limit the numbers we can (re-open) them at an early stage,” he added.

During an exchange with CM2 students at the start of the school year, Emmanuel Macron was also asked about the curfew. He therefore mentioned the possibility of “postponing it because 7pm is very early”.

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