Covid-19: France has entered “some form of the 3rd wave”, alarms Jean Castex

The essential France has entered a “form of the 3rd wave” with the variants, declared Jean Castex to the National Assembly on Tuesday, March 16.

France has entered “some form of the third wave” of the coronavirus epidemic, “characterized by numerous variants,” said Jean Castex on Tuesday, still putting vaccination “at the forefront of the strategy” to try to contain it. “The epidemic plays the expansion,” emphasized the Prime Minister before the National Assembly, a year up to the day on which Emmanuel Macron ordered his first imprisonment.

After Jean Castex had observed a few seconds of silence for the approximately 90,000 Covid deaths at the invitation of the president of the group of PS MPs Valérie Rabault, he called for “the elementary gestures that make up a year to be respected more than ever.” a guarantee of solidarity in the face of the progression of the pandemic “. The epidemic situation is indeed very tense in several departments, starting with the one in Île-de-France, where the hospital’s intensive care services have reached saturation points.

“What are you going to do to prevent us from conquering the wall?” Asked Mrs Rabault in particular the head of government. “I would obviously put vaccination at the forefront of this strategy” if I spoke, “replied Jean Castex, while AstraZeneca vaccine is currently suspended in France and its European neighbors.” We know it is mass vaccination […] that will allow us to get out of there, “said the head of government.

Jean Castex, who was also asked about the “differences” in the distribution of vaccine doses by department, said he had “a territorialized management strategy” that he “wanted to continue” with.