Covid-19: In France, the threshold of 90,000 deaths was exceeded, 4,033 patients in the intensive care unit

Most 228 new patients died of Covid-19 on Friday. France has passed the 90,000 death threshold. The number of patients in the intensive care unit is more than 4,000.

The Covid-19 is the killer of 228 new people in France this Friday. Since the epidemic started a year ago, the coronavirus has killed more than 90,000 French women and men. The milestone of 90,000 deaths was passed this Friday. The Covid-19 officially killed 90,053.

Another notable number this Friday. The milestone of 4,000 patients in the intensive care unit has been exceeded. Currently 4,033 are admitted to an intensive care unit in France. 306 new people have been admitted to the intensive care unit in the past twenty-four hours, according to Public Health France.

Also in the hospital, 1,448 new people were hospitalized during the day, bringing the number of hospitalized patients to 24,749.

France approved a fourth vaccine this Friday evening: the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. It had received approval from the European Medicines Agency a few days ago. Therefore, four vaccines against Covid-19 are approved in France: Pfizer-BioNtech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson.

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