Covid-19: In Occitania, hospital stays and intensive care units have difficulty losing weight

The essentials According to the regional health department, the health indicators in Occitania show a “stabilization”, but are far from declining. When the incidence rate decreases, it is difficult to decrease the number of hospitalizations associated with the virus.

In its third epidemiological wave, Occitanie does not appear to show any decline in virus circulation. This Tuesday, April 27, the region’s regional health authority released its latest health report. The structure confirms that “the third wave of epidemics in Occitania shows some indicators that are slightly downward”.

[#Covid19] Stabilization of the indicators in #Occitanie, but still at a very high level: 1,863 people were hospitalized this evening, 396 of them in intensive care.
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– ARS Occitanie (@ARS_OC) April 27, 2021

What are these indicators? The ARS indicates, among other things, the incidence rate (which characterizes the level of circulation of the virus); That is stagnating and is falling slightly to a total of 200 new cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants today. In the past week, health officials registered 11,928 new cases of Covid-19: the indicator here appears to be beginning to decline, far from the high of more than 16,000 new cases observed in early April, as shown in the graph below (if no graphic is visible, please deactivate your ad blocker).

Still, the decline in the number of Covid-19-related hospital stays in the Occitanie area is much more shy. “Activity continues to be strong in the hospital services handling the most serious cases. More than 1,800 people are still being hospitalized for complications related to the virus and nearly 400 are currently in critical care,” said the company the ARS prefers to speak of “stabilization” than of “decline”.

A high plateau still high

Indeed, the health situation in hospitals in the region appears to have stabilized since April 6th … at a relatively high plateau. Occitanie hasn’t fallen below 1,850 hospital stays linked to the virus in three weeks.

In the worst cases of Covid-19, Occitania regretted 131 deaths related to the virus in the past week.

With 881 victims since the beginning of the health crisis, Hérault remains the most bereaved. Then follow Haute-Garonne (741), Gard (569) and Tarn (343).

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