Covid-19: Is Île-de-France facing a “tough” recruitment?

The essentials According to the RMC at the Elysee, the hypothesis of a “hard” refinition has been mentioned for several days. In question are the recent worrying numbers of the Covid-19 epidemic, particularly the saturation of resuscitation services in Île-de-France.

While the limit of 90,000 deaths from Covid-19 was exceeded on Friday March 12, the situation in hospitals remains tense. The indicators are in the red: 4,033 patients are currently in the intensive care unit. On Friday alone, 306 new people were admitted to intensive care units and 1,448 new patients were admitted to the hospital.

The Île-de-France region has expressed concerns. “Every twelve minutes a resident of Ile-de-France is admitted to the intensive care unit,” said Olivier Véran on Thursday evening. 1,080 patients then occupied beds in intensive care units in the Ile-de-France region, it was “almost the climax of the second wave,” commented the health minister during his press conference.

“If the pace continues, we will exceed 1,500 by the end of March, which is a critical threshold for hospitals in this region,” he warned. On Saturday March 13th, three patients in the intensive care unit in the Paris area were taken to hospitals in less affected areas.

Containment 7 days a week with closed schools?

What solutions is the executive planning to help slow the spread of the epidemic in the region? According to information from RMC, the scenario of a “hard” refinement has been circulating at the Elysee for a few days.

Containment 7 days a week that could go on until schools close for six weeks. At the moment, the executive is still hoping to avoid this scenario, but Jean Castex insisted on Friday: the government is always ready to take additional measures. “We’ll find out very quickly. Everything will depend on the resuscitation,” a close friend of the President of the Republic told RMC. “The French would not forgive us if we saw people die in the corridors,” he added.

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