Covid-19: Medical evacuations planned in Ile-de-France

The weekend restriction in the Alpes-Maritimes has been extended to the following Saturday and Sunday, given a still tense epidemic context urging future medical evacuations in Ile-de-France, the door word of the government Gabriel Attal announced yesterday.

“It was decided and it is a difficult decision to extend the detention for this weekend,” said Attal in the Alpes-Maritimes after two weekends that were already under lock and key. “It will be announced next week whether the momentum of the reduction in incidence and epidemic in the department will continue” in order to allow “in this case to consider lifting the measure,” he added at the end of the Council of Ministers.

The Mayor of Nice “took note” of the government’s decision, even though he insisted that it was “not a recommendation”. He asked the Prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes “the possibility of extending trips from one to three hours to practice physical activity” and called for the vaccination to be accelerated.

Gabriel Attal acknowledged that “the hospital situation in Île-de-France, Hauts-de-France and the South region is particularly worrying” and also stated that “there will be a certain number of medical evacuations in the coming days would be “by hospital patients, especially in Île-de-France.” In the Paris region, the Île-de-France Regional Health Authority earlier this week gave hospitals and clinics in the Paris region “firm orders” to 40% of their medical and health care Deprogramming surgical activities to increase the number of intensive care beds for Covid-19 patients. “We are still on a fine line,” remarked Attal on the eve of a press conference given by Health Minister Olivier Véran, who will provide a general update on the health situation.

“On the one hand, the number of newly discovered contaminations and the number of hospital stays remain on a high plateau, which shows that our country is resisting the epidemic and that the braking measures are working,” he said.