Covid-19: more than 5,700 patients in the intensive care unit, slight decrease within 24 hours

The essentials The number of Covid-19 patients in the intensive care unit decreased slightly on Thursday, but remains very high, according to Public Health France.

As of Thursday, 5,705 people were in intensive care services (including resuscitation, intensive care and continuous monitoring), up from 5,729 people on Wednesday, according to daily data from Public Health France. 498 patients were admitted to these services within 24 hours to treat the most serious cases, up from 673 the day before.

The number of people in the intensive care unit exceeded the peak of the second epidemic wave at the end of March (a little more than 4,900 patients in mid-November) and was approaching that of the first wave (a little more than 7,000 patients). Beginning of April 2020).

This indicator is closely monitored by health officials who fear congestion in hospitals in the middle of the third wave of the new coronavirus epidemic.

# Covid19 numbers:
• 345 people died in a hospice. (04/08), up to over 7 days. (+32)
• 2,156 hospital admissions (04/08) over 7 days. (+121)
• 5,051 positive cases (04/04) over a period of 7 days. (-555)
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The total number of people in hospital has also decreased slightly. 30,555 coronavirus-positive patients are currently in hospital, up from 30,904 the previous day. A total of 2,156 people were hospitalized in the past 24 hours.

345 deaths in the past 24 hours

345 new hospital deaths were recorded within 24 hours, up from 433 deaths the previous day, for a total of 98,065 since the epidemic began (of which 71,972 were in hospitals).

The number of cases registered on Thursday is 84,999, including catching up on the previous day’s numbers that had not been published because about 400,000 test results could not be integrated into SPF’s database, the agency said.

The positivity rate, the percentage of infected people among the people tested, has risen to 7.3% in the last 7 days. In the field of vaccination, France exceeded the 10 million first injections of Covid-19 vaccines on Thursday.