Covid-19: Roselyne Bachelot tested positive 24 hours after being hugged by Michel Sardou and the Paris Opera soloists

The essentials The Minister of Culture announced this Saturday, March 20, that she had tested positive for Covid-19. The day before, Liberation reveals, she had attended a performance at the Paris Opera and awarded Michel Sardou the Legion of Honor.

Can a closed-door performance of the Paris Faust Opera be retransmitted to France 5 this Friday, March 26th? Believing liberation couldn’t be. The daily reveals that Roselyne Bachelot, who announced on Twitter this Saturday, March 20, that she was positive for Covid-19, took part in the small committee premiere of the opera, which was inspired by Goethe’s mythical piece the day before .

At the end of the almost four-hour performance, the Minister of Culture congratulated the actors in this Faust, directed by the German Tobias Kratzer. Some awards and “photos in close rows”, especially with half a dozen soloists, little respecting barrier gestures. The question that then arises is: Roselyne Bachelot, who at the time of the facts was probably already infected, did she create a cluster within the Paris Opera?

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The exemption states that the minister was well masked in these photos, so the disaster could be avoided. However, health officials continue to recommend that anyone who has come into contact with a Covid patient should be isolated for seven days.

An isolation that will certainly be greatly feared by the performers of the opera, who are due to give a second performance this Monday, during which the France Televisions cameras have to complete the recording of the show in order to be broadcast …

This carelessness on the part of Roselyne Bachelot was not the only one of the day. A few hours earlier she had also handed over the Legion of Honor to Michel Sardou, whom she had taken in her arms.

A gesture that did not make internet users react to the announcement of their contamination. Some were having fun, others were outraged. While many theaters across France have been occupied for several weeks to demand a better examination by the Minister of Culture, the fact that such a ceremony was organized has been criticized.

“Mr. Sardou, on behalf of the President of the Republic and the Government, I forgive you the Legion of Honor and the Covid-19 for all your work.”
Roselyne Bachelot # Confinement3

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