Covid-19: Roxana Maracineanu ensures that the state “continues to support” the sports associations

The essentials Hardly hit by the health crisis, the amateur and professional sports sector will continue to receive government support, says Roxana Maracineanu, Minister for Sports.

The minister responsible for sport, Roxana Maracineanu, assured MPs on Wednesday that the state would “continue to support” sport for associations and professional clubs, while the amateur and professional sectors have been suffering since the beginning of the health crisis.

“I would like to repeat here as well on associations that are affected by these difficult times […] that the state will continue to support them, “she affirmed at the beginning of the examination of the LREM law on sport in the assembly, while several MPs are concerned about the survival of the clubs.

She said she was working on the Pass’sport device, a license support device that was announced in mid-November. It will affect “1.8 million young people”. She said Tuesday that it will be between “50 to 80 euros” and will be seen “in June in certain areas” during a “webinar” with amateur clubs. “For professional clubs and the commercial sector, I also assure that state support will continue,” she also assured, during meetings about possible aid to football.

Facilitating access to equipment and combating illegal streaming and rigged betting

The representative generation. s Régis Juanico, on behalf of his colleagues, tabled a motion to reject this text, which, in particular, was rejected, he said, “to launch an appeal to take all necessary measures to save French sport”. “It’s about the sheer survival of thousands of sports associations,” he said.

PCF MPs, like other MPs, including those of the majority like Laure Amadou or François Cormier-Bouligeon (LREM), regretted that many of their amendments had been declared inadmissible and could therefore not be discussed.

“This equally cumbersome application of the Constitution aims at only one thing: to limit the debate as much as possible and to prevent us from pursuing a more ambitious vision for sport,” said former Minister Marie-George Buffet in a press release. This proposed LREM law contains measures for the governance of associations, is intended to make it easier for clubs to access school sports facilities or to fight against illegal streaming and manipulated betting. “Nothing about the financing of clubs that are today in great suffering” and “the forgotten” protested the deputy judge Maxime Minot.