Covid-19: The DGS warns of a new “Breton” variant

The essentials This Monday, the DGS warned in a press release about the discovery of a new variant in Brittany, which was discovered in a cluster in the Lannion hospital center in the Côtes-d’Armor.

A new variant was discovered as part of a cluster in the Lannion hospital center on the Côtes-d’Armor, warned the General Directorate for Health on Monday evening. The authorities take the necessary monitoring and support measures. As of March 13, 79 cases were identified, including 8 cases with the variant confirmed by sequencing.

“On the basis of the preliminary analysis of the mutations in this variant and the clinical and biological observations of the carrier patients, the health authorities consider it sensible to classify this variant under surveillance, ie in the WHO VUI category (examined variant), especially on the basis of the observation of several patients typical symptoms that indicate an infection with SARS-CoV-2, but show a negative RT-PCR test result on nasopharynx samples and for which the diagnosis could be made serologically or by realizing RT-PCR on deep airway samples “, can be found in read the press release.

No increased severity and transferability

“The first analyzes of this variant neither indicate an increased severity nor an increased transferability compared to the historical virus,” scoffs the DGS. ‘In order to better understand this variant and its effects, detailed studies will be carried out. Experiments will also be carried out to determine how this variant reacts to vaccination and the antibodies developed in previous infections. Finally, international authorities will be informed of the discovery of these Variant “.

As a precaution, “local authorities, prefectures and ARS are stepping up measures to contain the transmission of the virus, for example by speeding up vaccination, reminding people of the importance of barrier gestures or restricting gatherings”.