Covid-19: The French slept better in second detention

The Basics The French’s sleep was less disturbed during the second Covid-19 related delivery than during the first. This shows a poll published on Tuesday, but it highlights high levels of anxiety and fatigue.

According to a survey, “the duration of sleep during the second delivery was close to that observed during the normal period,” at 7:09 am on weekdays and 7:46 am on weekends, versus 7:16 am and 7:52 am before the first Childbirth, observes Marc Rey, neurologist and president of the National Institute for Sleep and Vigilance (INSV).

International studies conducted in several countries during the first delivery had found a slight increase in total sleep time, but more nocturnal awakenings.

Problems during the second delivery

In France, the first delivery between March 17 and May 11, 2020 was characterized by “very late bedtime”. During the second embargo, from October 30th to December 15th, bedtime and waking hours hardly changed. This is also shown by this poll, published before World Sleep Day and organized by the World Sleep Society on Saturday.

The survey was conducted online by Opinion Way on January 8-15 for the INSV and MGEN Mutual Society among 1,010 people aged 18 to 65 who are representative of the city’s population. When sleep time is little affected, more French people (45% versus 41% during normal periods) describe a sleep disorder during the second childbirth, mostly insomnia or sleep rhythm disorders. However, this level “has nothing to do with the more than 70% of sleep problems” reported in some studies of first childbirth, underlines the president of INSV, an association that raises awareness of the importance of sleep to public health .

The French are trying to improve their sleep

A quarter (26%) said they had “poorer quality of sleep”, a proportion that rose to 39% in young people, while 61% saw no difference and 13% believed that their sleep improved.

The survey also shows that those who report poorer sleep quality also tend to have more anxiety or depressive disorders. However, the INSV emphasizes that more French people have tried to improve their sleep during the second childbirth (28% versus 20% during normal times) by eating better, exercising, or setting schedules. Regular sleep.