Covid-19: The number of intensive care patients in France is almost 4,000

The essentials Almost 4,000 patients are in intensive care in hospitals and clinics in France. More than 27,000 new cases of contamination were registered by Public Health France on Thursday.

265 patients died this Thursday in France of Covid-19, or 89,830 victims since the epidemic broke out in France a year ago.

According to Public Health France, there are currently 24,858 patients in the hospital (-111), including 3,992 patients admitted to the intensive care unit (+74).

27,166 new positive cases were registered in the last twenty-four hours, corresponding to a test positivity rate of 7.3%.

Health Minister Olivier Véran described the health situation as “tense and worrying” during a press conference this Thursday evening. He stated that the English variant made up 67% of the cases in France, the South African and Brazilian variants around 6%. Olivier Véran does not rule out the transfer of “several dozen or even hundreds of patients from Île-de-France” to other regions. Hospitals in the Paris region are treating 1080 intensive care patients this Thursday evening. A resident of Ile-de-France goes to intensive care every 12 minutes, said Olivier Véran.

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A vaccination record this Thursday

The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 continues in France. 286,000 vaccines were administered on Thursday, which is a record. 2,164,978 patients received both doses of the vaccine. 4,544,897 people received at least one of the two injections.

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The AstraZeneca vaccine will be retained

Olivier Véran also announced that use of the AstraZeneca vaccine will continue in France. At least four European countries have stopped using this vaccine as a precautionary measure after the discovery of blood clots in patients.

Olivier Véran confiscated the Medicines Safety Agency on the matter.