Covid-19: The Stade de France will be converted into a “Vaccinodrome” at the beginning of April

The basics The Mayor of Saint-Denis and the President of the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis estimated that a “massive vaccination campaign” was necessary and that such a center would “make it possible to vaccinate thousands of people every week”.

A few days after the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille was converted into a “Vaccinodrome” in order to speed up the vaccination campaign, the Stade de France (in Saint-Denis, north of Paris) should also undergo such a change. This was announced on Friday March 19 by the Mayor of Saint-Denis Mathieu Hanotin and the President of the Seine-Saint-Denis department, Stéphane Troussel.

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In a press release they stated that “only a massive and rapid vaccination campaign will provide a permanent way out of this crisis”. While Seine-Saint-Denis was being redefined with the rest of Île-de-France, the two elected officials reiterated that their “municipalities are working on opening a large vaccination center in the Stade de France in early April”.

This new huge vaccination center will make it possible to vaccinate several thousand people per week in this department, where the incidence rate is highest in France with more than 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

In this context, the mayor and the president of the department also called for the “vaccination to be opened up to new target groups”, in particular in order to “break the chains of contamination in the working population”.