Covid-19: Where can you travel? A site launches a map that summarizes the travel restrictions in each country

The essentials The Covid-19 pandemic does not make organizing your summer vacation any easier. To make this task easier, the booking site has just published a map detailing the different countries that can travel and the restrictions that apply there.

Preparing for the summer vacation is never easy, and the Covid-19 pandemic is not making things any easier, especially if you are planning on going abroad. In this case, the online booking site has just launched a tool that you might find very useful: an interactive map that lets you know which countries you can travel to and under which conditions.

This is based on the model of the map, which has been available on the English-language website of the IATA (International Air Transport Association) since June 2020, and is updated very regularly in order to be able to follow the situation in real time. This map is color coded and there are countries in red, pink, orange and green.

The 50 countries shown in red are currently completely closed. Only nationals, residents and certain travelers in very special cases can enter these areas. Among these countries we find Belgium, Venezuela, Algeria or Norway.

The 122 partially open countries are represented in pink, the dominant color on this map. It includes, among other things, most of the European countries. The restrictions on entry into the territory may depend on the nationality of the travelers, their country of departure and certain other criteria. For example, in Spain, a country that has reopened its borders to travelers from most EU countries, entry is still restricted to travelers from other regions, with the exception of Spanish nationals and residents and members of their immediate families.

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Kayak’s interactive map also allows you to view the entry requirements for the country you are interested in with one click. So we can see that travelers entering Germany must present a medical certificate with a negative result for the COVID-19 PCR test 48 hours before their arrival. All travelers must fill out a Passenger Tracking Form (PLF) 24 hours prior to check-in. A QR code that is generated from the completed form and must be presented on arrival. The traveler must then observe a quarantine isolation, which can last 10 to 14 days.

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The five countries shown in orange on the map are the countries where an imminent reopening has been announced. This is the case in India, Nepal and Mongolia.

Green countries are the 43 countries with no travel restrictions. They occur mainly in Latin America (Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil) and Africa (South Africa, Mali, Sudan). In these countries, despite the lack of restrictions, travelers still have to present a medical certificate with a negative result of the COVID-19-PCR test, which is carried out within 72 hours before departure.

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