Covid-19: will it be necessary to be vaccinated against the flu every year?

Most 4.5 million French people have already received the two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. While the vaccination campaign is in full swing, the question of an annual vaccination against the coronavirus is already being raised.

What will happen to Covid-19 in a year, two or three years? Nobody can answer this question yet. However, the question of an annual vaccination against Covid-19 is already being raised. So far there is no certainty or official recommendation.

This idea of ​​an annual vaccine against the virus is being revived by the CEO of Pfizer Laboratories. Albert Bourla explains to Les Echos: “I think this epidemic will be like the flu. We will be vaccinated and we will have normal lives.” Pfizer’s CEO is betting on a return to normal life in Europe in autumn 2021.

Health Minister Olivier Véran does not rule out the idea. Asked on a trip on Friday, he said, “With the current state of science and according to health officials, there is no doctrine that recalls are required. But we are preparing, just in case.”

Professor Brigitte Autran, immunologist and head of the immunology department at Pitié-Salpétrière in Paris, told the magazine Notre temps: “We are seeing mutated viruses arriving, so we are investigating the need or non-adaptation of the vaccine Re-vaccination required. “

Professor Michel Cogné believes in this annual vaccination. The immunologist at Rennes University Hospital confided to Top Santé: “The most likely hypothesis is that the coronavirus epidemic will return to the same model as the flu every year with varying degrees of severity. Then an annual vaccination might be required.”

Need a third dose?

In the meantime, Pfizer’s CEO is proposing the idea of ​​a possible third dose against Covid-19 because the variants exist. Albert Bourla makes “the likely assumption that a third dose will likely be necessary between six and twelve months” but “all of this needs to be confirmed”.

With that in mind, people who have been vaccinated with two doses of a messenger RNA vaccine such as Pfizer or Moderna may need to be vaccinated again six to twelve months after the second dose.

The World Health Organization has not yet issued an opinion on the annual vaccine against Covid-19, nor has the High Authority in France.

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