Cracks, mold, poor insulation: a family from Figeac lives through hell in their uninhabitable house

Posted on 03/23/2021 at 2:53 pm, updated at 4:02 pm

The essentials When the dream of a life turns into a nightmare … At the end of 2017, Amélie and Romaric bought the house of their dreams on the heights of Figeac. Four years later, the reality is unbearable for this young couple and their three children. Hidden flaws, poor workmanship and other shortcomings have made your home, a true “energy sieve”, uninhabitable.

“The apartment we lived in was too small, explains Romaric. We looked around Figeac and fell in love with this house. It seemed comfortable, well insulated and with two heat pumps. We thought we were safe from the cold and damp. The owner raved about the quality of the building. She was rated a C at diagnosis …