CSE: What is it and what use is it in business?

The improvement of living and working conditions in companies is a topic that has been discussed for a long time. To effectively manage the interests of employees, the CSE was set up. Find out in more detail what it is made of.

What is the CSE?

The CSE is a representation of employees within a company. It is made up of elected representatives of the staff and the employer. The creation of the CSE follows the Macron Regulations enacted as part of the reform of the Labor Code in 2017. You can consult a full guide to learn more about the reasons behind this reform. It is also the first platform dedicated to the members of this committee. The CSE replaced the old structures of employee representatives. These include:

Staff representative (DP); the works council (CE); and the Committee on Health, Safety and Working Conditions (CHSCT).

The CSE has an identical number of office holders and representatives and is managed by the employer or his representative.

What use is the CSE?

Establishing a CSE is mandatory for companies with at least 11 employees. This minimum number must have been reached for 12 consecutive months. The CSE is responsible for carrying out several missions within a company. They can be summarized in three main parts.

A role of consultation and economic surveillance

The CSE has access to the BDES (Economic and Social Database). This database contains information such as sales and cash flow. It also includes the order book, late payments and margin rates. This data enables the CSE to assess the company’s financial health. In the event of difficulties, the committee can trigger an economic alarm right.

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A role in managing social and cultural activities

The CSE has a budget for social and cultural activities. It can negotiate benefits for the benefit of employees in order to increase their purchasing power (reduction of tills, gift certificates, etc.).

The CSE is responsible for organizing tourism, sports or leisure activities. It can also set up a company canteen or day nursery for employees’ children. All of these measures help ensure their development and increase their productivity.

A role of employee support

The CSE is the voice of the employees. He expresses their complaints to the employer, whether collectively or individually. The CSE ensures compliance with legal obligations in relation to the labor code, agreements or conventions. If this is not the case, the committee can seize the labor inspectorate in order to regularize the situation. In addition, the CSE ensures compliance with occupational health and safety regulations. The CSE now centralizes the missions that were previously carried out by the former representative bodies. It plays an important role in improving living and working conditions in companies.